​Is This – The Best Football Bet?​

​As many of you know already, I’m quite risk averse when It comes to betting. For me, the best football bet Is going to be hands off and low risk. I love to trade football matches on the exchanges, but there’s room In everyone’s betting portfolio for a hands off, set and forget betting solution.

Like most things, the simple solutions tend to be the best, so I’m going to let you In on my best football bet. Is This – The Best Football Bet?​ Like most things, the simple solutions tend to be the best, so I’m going to let you In on my best football bet.


  1. ​What I do is check the football games on Betfair with at least £100k matched.
  2. I check the head to head figures to ensure no 0-0 result between the 2 teams. Discard otherwise.
  3. I then back the over 0.5 goals but I request a price of at least 1.15 and keep In play.
  4. As soon as a goal is scored, we win the bet, if matched, or get a refund if not.



I got the the outline stats from Goal Profits, and approx 1 in 10 matches ends 0-0. These may have change slightly but tends to stay fairly constant. With 1 in 10 chances of 0-0 a bet at odds of 1.1 would create a break even (commission excluded). Taking better odds at 1.15 minimum, allows a little profit, which Is what we’re all after.

You can test it out on paper first without risk and see how you get on. I love the simplicity as once the bet is placed, that’s all there is to It, you can get on with other things. Yes It’s a slow burner, but It’s profitable.

What Else?

Carrying on with simple but profitable methods, I have to recommend the Chris Williams Football Method 9. I know that’s a mouthful, and Chris has produced a number of methods over the years. Football Method 9 Is the only one that I’d recommend at the moment. It’s stood the test of time as another consistent winner.

Without giving the game away, Chris’s method Involves some fairly basic Initial research, don’t worry, you can find selections very quickly. You then place your bet in this specific market and wait for the match to go In play.

Chris provides his training by video and when you see what he’s up to, you’ll realise why I like this so much. There are 4 opportunities to make profit with each bet. Although Chris tends to keeps his bets in place until the match Is over, I prefer to cash out earlier, and move onto the next bet.

Whichever option you choose to take, they are both profitable In the long term, and that’s the aim of the game.

Lay The Draw

​Maybe you’ve heard of lay the draw? As the betting exchange markets have become more efficient, many punters think that lay the draw is no longer profitable. I disagree, with careful selection methods, I believe this method still provides an excellent way of profiteering from predictable football matches.

I sometimes add the 0-0 score to my lay the draw as an Insurance, should a goal not be scored. This Is the same strategy that John Duncan developed almost 15 years ago now, The Football Cash Generator. This strategy made a lot of money for a lot of people, and It’s still an excellent strategy now. It ticks my boxes for low risk, and can be implemented with minimal research.

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