Sharbing – Risk Free Profits


If like me, you’ve done some matched betting, maybe some arbing too (arbitrage) and had your accounts closed. What next? Is your betting strategy over? Consider Sharbing for risk free profits.

Arbitrage is the process of covering all outcomes of an event to ensure a guaranteed profit. Once upon a time, It was Incredibly laborious and time-consuming to find these arbs. I can’t imagine how difficult It was to make money this way back then, but It was possible. One punter, whose name escapes me now, set up a blog of his arbing progress, and he was making around £18k per annum, year after year.

Fortunately things have got easier, as we’ve now got software to scan market prices on our behalf, and just present us with profitable arbs. In fact most matched betting services use an odds matcher which throws up such arbs on a very frequent basis. If you don’t use a matched betting service, you could use Oddschecker for free, but again, It Involves a little more detective work.

Guaranteed Profit

By using different bookmakers and now the exchanges, It’s possible to back all outcomes of an event and make a risk free guaranteed profit. Although these returns tend to be small, usually in the 1-5% bracket, occasionally you can find some real bookie blunders, and make 30% plus (although these are getting rarer).

These small risk free returns rapidly mount up to substantial amounts when compounded over time. As you can Imagine though, this then presents the next problem….


If you could get a guaranteed 3% return on a £100 bet, that would produce £3 profit. Why settle for £3 though, If you could make £15 by using stakes of £500, without risk. This is what many punters have done, and guess what, the bookies have noticed.

Bookies don’t like winners and they despise arbers with a passion. For this reason, winning punters will get their accounts restricted (gubbed) or closed for good. Obviously this is bad news, but all is not lost.


On a course at the NEC in Birmingham, I met some rather enterprising fellows. These two guys had turned my perception of bookie betting completely on its head. Obviously these had experienced the frustrations of the rest of us, with bookies and limited account access. Not only had the addressed the problems, they were making a fortune still arbing with the bookmakers that had closed their accounts.

How I hear you ask?

These guys from Austria coined the term Sharbing, and that just means Shop Arbing. Incredibly, working In a team of two, they scoured the arbs available daily and then head into a city with a fair amount of bookies within close proximity.

One would place a bet in the bookies, whilst the other, on a laptop was laying the bet off elsewhere for a guaranteed profit each time. To avoid detection (remember they’d already had their online accounts closed) they moved locations each day, and recruited people to place bets for them too.

The downside to this is the risk of carrying so much cash around for betting with. These guys were killing it though. When you think they’d fly from Austria to the UK for a few weeks, make a pile of money and go back home. You’ll see how lucrative this can be.

I learnt loads of things on this course, and the fee has since paid for itself many times over. I’m still surprised at how much money, normal, average people are making with betting.

Although I like arbitrage a lot, my experience is that you’ve got to be so quick with placing your bets. Sometimes the odds change, making your arb, no longer profitable. This is ok if you realise before placing a bet, usually it happens after a bet has been placed. This easily creates an unprofitable situation, which you just have to accept as part of arbing.

There are a few professional arbing services out there for the real go-getters. Although their fees sound expensive, It’s worth noting that these are from full time arbers, betting with large amounts. One such recommendation is Rebel Betting, and to be fair to them, they offer a free trial. This takes the risk away and you get to see what the service is like firsthand.

Why not give it a go?

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