ZTips football review.

Every so often, a hidden gem comes your way, and you don’t realise it at first. Twitter tipsters as we all know are ten a penny. It was whilst browsing on twitter, and reviewing posts, and more posts, I came across the Ztips site.

Never gave it much thought to be honest, as we all know what these twitter tipsters are like, predict the winner of a football match one week, and they are suddenly an expert.

How glad I was proven to be wrong in this case. After seeing the name ZTips pop up again and again, I remember thinking to myself, right, i’m going to catch this guy out. I added him to twitter and did nothing. I never did anything again until a good few months later, I happen to find a user named ZTips on a football forum i’m a member of. Right, having you this time I thought. I sent him a message. Lo and behold, he responded, and to say I was blown away by his football knowledge is an understatement.

Scott, who run’s ZTips, lives, eats and breathes football and is honestly the hardest working tipster I think i’ve ever had the pleasure to review. The hours he puts in to the form book are staggering, but well backed up with his results.

Infuriatingly, he’s also one of the nicest guys you will come across, and his customer response time is really, really good.

He;s never going to have a 50/1 winner every day for you, and to be honest, Scott wouldn’t want to. He would see that as gambling, whereas, he like to invest. He’s safe, consistent and plods along making profits. Very low risk profits. Plus, his knowledge of A-League football, which I really enjoy watching, is second to none.

After being given membership to try the service out, it is now one of the services that will definitely be a long term addition to my portfolio, and as anyone who is aware knows, me adding to my portfolio is as rare as my Liverpool team winning the league.

Now, I know he might tell me off for this, but Scott who runs ZTips is a guy open to a special offer or two. So i’m going to persuade him that anyone who sends him an email to z.tips@yahoo.com and puts another winner as the subject line, to be given a free trial until the end of May.

If you want to have a look around, his site is http://www.ztips.co.uk/