Tradeshark Tennis Trading Review

Anyone that knows me will know that I know very little about sports. In an effort to learn more, I reached out to Tradeshark Tennis Trading, In order to see whether Tradeshark was any good for beginners?

Paul at Tradeshark was really kind, and offered me access to the member’s area In order to take a look for myself at what all the hype was about. What I was greeted with was a very well-thought-out member’s area that would appeal to beginners and professionals alike.

Whether you know about tennis or not, Tradeshark literally takes you by the hand and trains you, absolutely everything is covered.

Firstly there’s some great common sense sections, like a beginners guide to tennis, bet size and money management advice as well as a new section that explains what to do when things go wrong. I particularly liked this, as It demonstrates to the new trader that there’ll be occasions when things don’t go to plan. Most system vendors try to avoid the issue leaving the purchaser at the mercy of the betting exchanges.

If you wish to find your own tennis selections, there are downloadable stats spreadsheets which are really useful. Although Paul also provides a daily email service where he picks his selections and explains in detail, exactly how to trade them. That Inspires confidence as you know he’s trading alongside you. In fact Paul has made a full time Income from tennis trading since 2010.

All new purchasers get access to the Tradeshark daily email for 5 days, and It’s just £20 for the month if you wish to subscribe. There’s usually around 10 matches a day, you can trade just 1 or all of them, you choose what fits in with your lifestyle. I know Paul makes around 10 trades a day.

One key attribute is that Tradeshark recommend starting small, and building up as your knowledge of tennis trading Increases. Everyone makes mistakes, so make them with small stakes at the beginning…. Great advice!


There are currently 9 methods In the member’s area, so really something for everyone. I started with the back the favourite method as It seemed easy to understand. Remember, I know nothing about tennis. I still made a profit from my first 2 tennis trades, which I was really pleased with.

There are also methods for beginners too, but I like the logic of the back the favourite method. It looks a winner for me.


Tradeshark offer a Skype room during the day for live trading help and advice. This Is a superb way to learn, almost like having Paul train you 1-1. I’ve seen services charge hundreds of pounds for this alone, but It’s Included within the very accessible price.


The section I love most is the Videos section. There’s currently 22 videos contained within this section that show Paul trading each of the methods he operates. Many of the video’s are around 20 minutes long and you can hear and see what Paul is doing at each step. As a pro trader, he makes each trade look simple, and many trades produce profits exceeding £100 for just a few minutes of “work”.


From what I see, I’ve never seen a better value trading course. Tradeshark is an honest, no BS service that I recommend thoroughly. Email support is excellent, most enquiries are answered within the hour. I’ve seen crap courses being touted for thousands of pounds, Paul’s Tradeshark Tennis Trading service will give you change out of £30. I really don’t know how he does It for the price, It’s a no-brainer, if you’re serious about making money as a Betfair Trader.

If you’ve not already gathered, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRADESHARK.

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